Atoll You Can Eat is officially released!

Atoll You Can Eat has officially launched on both iOS and Android, marking the first ever game release for both myself and Neil. Interestingly enough, about a year ago, I made a little mockup of the game in a javascript game engine that I had been working on, after which I sat on the idea until just recently. I thought it would be interesting to share, so here it is! Just press Start to play, use the arrow keys to control the right mermaid, and WASD to control the left mermaid! It is VERY barebones, all you can really do is move the mermaids, and no fish spawn, I just wanted to get a feel for how something like this might control. You might recognize the characters as Mona and Morgan, the sprites were all done by Neil.

Big thanks to everyone who has played the game and has been sharing it with friends, it means the world to us! I’ll be adding more unlockable items and characters to the game in the coming weeks, so look forward to that!